Saturday, August 11, 2012

sunshine getaway

I headed up to Sacramento to my friends Emily and Adam. They live in Portland, OR and drove down for Emily's art show in SAC. When I arrived the sun was high and it was HOT! I met them at the river where it was 94* in the shade, but it felt perfect as we waded in the cool water. Later we went to the art opening at Bows and Arrows where we drank wine and ate popsicles (avocado with kefir lime!) while lounging under the stars. We ended up at Bombay Bar & Grill for a late but amazing dinner. 

We all slept in until the summer heat woke us up. Adam brought along some Stumptown coffee from Portland (oh Portland) and his handy AeroPress. We were groggy but eager to see the press so Adam gave us a little tutorial on the press. I love lazy mornings, sunshine, and new places. 

After coffee and leftover Indian food we planned adventures for the day and Emily and Adam mapped out their travels after Sac. We ended up spending the day in Sacramento on a goodwill shopping tour with some amazing finds and some of the best Mexican food at Taqueria Jalisco. If you're near Sac I highly recommend TJ as the food is unbelievably good and the owner has a heart of gold and he invited us to his house for margaritas the next time we're in town. Emily Katz is a dear friend and one of the most inspiring people I know. You can check out her blog Magic Dream Life with links to her amazing art and all of the magic she makes. 

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