Sunday, September 30, 2012

blue hour blue

an afternoon lounging with friends in the late summer sun and blue hour at Dolores Park as the sun slid behind the palm trees and then looking out to the bay and Marin. 
A last minute treat pick up from Tartine before heading home, it's a slice of apple pie with crumble on top. 
Old fashioned roses will always be a favorite. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

midnight in paris at the park, a little cooking and a little more rest

They showed Midnight in Paris at Washington Park tonight. Here's a great NY Times article on the history in the movie. This is the second movie I've watched at WA park that's set in France with the other being Amelie with a little bottle of St. Germain in hand. Tonight I decided to fill a few thermoses with homemade hot chai with black peppercorns, cinnamon, cardamom, fresh ginger, sugared rose petals, black tea and a little rice milk to go with fresh ginger molasses cookies. I was thinking that some Indian chai would be perfect spicy warmth while sitting at the border of little Italy, Russian Hill, and Chinatown while watching a French themed movie.

planets and stardust... or eggs and flour

This afternoon I made chicken and dumplings and I really think this helped fend off the start of a cold which was the main reason I made it, aside from wanting to play in the kitchen.

Sleeping in, late morning coffee with fancy creamer, and grapes for lunch.

Friday, September 28, 2012

hot toddy for health

I'm feeling like a cold is coming on, but was persuaded to meet a friend for an early drink. We stopped in at Tosca and then to Specs'. These two neighborhood spots are cozy and warm with old school style and elegance at Tosca with the first steamer on the West Coast still on their counter still steaming up their house cappucino. Specs' is charming in a no fuss kind of way. This beatnik classic is full of history and a can of chess. They served up a hot toddy that warmed me up and helped me feel a little better about being out and just better.
Art class of the day with stenciled art tables and my navy handmade dream shoes that are still on the wish list for a little longer.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

moonlit walk along the bay

palm trees, neon lights and late night cooks in the kitchen

crafting inspiration

Pretty paleta stand at Nopa. I spent a few early hours at the DMV and made it up to myself with a toasted everything bagel with goat cheese, cucumber slices and black pepper. I ended up making a flower out of cupcake liners and a pipe cleaner while catching up with my dear friend Elizabeth tonight  at the Hello Lucky and Creative bug craft event at Chronicle books.

Monday, September 24, 2012


This anchor is another favorite tag in SF. After a full weekend of fun I showed up to school/work this Monday morning and found myself parked right next to this gem and I must say that getting out of the cart to appreciate it closer did help energize me for the week.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

making + sharing food at Oakland Eat Real Fest

I showed up bright and early to catch the free form tart demo lead by the lovely Laurie Ellen of Tartine Bakery. This was the highlight of my day! I could start by declaring my love for Tartine but Laurie was truly amazing as she went through the all of the steps, answered questions and gave baking tips. After the demo she offered to go through the steps with a few of us one on one! Laurie shared rolling pin techniques while sharing her pin so I could get a feel for it which is essential for me to learn a new skill. Free form tarts are my go to quick item, but now they'll be a favorite for another reason thanks to the great memories from today and my improved techniques and tips that I'm eager to keep practicing. the center quote of food as a common ground almost always makes me weep as a shared experience is such a powerful thing to think about. The mojito was a kind gift from a woman I met during the tart demo (I remember you work for KQED and your blog pie curious but I haven't found you in the internet world yet. If you see this please say hello.) The bottom pics are of pistachio (vegan) sorbet from Scream Sorbet. Their inventive flavors are amazing!

lobster rolls!

Well, after two weeks of kitchari for every meal I must admit that I kept thinking about the lobster rolls served up at the Eat Real festival a few years back and was looking forward to devouring one this year. They may have had the longest line but we played it right and while I stood in line friends went off to pick up treats from other food trucks and came back to the longest... lobster line so there were snacks while waiting. The truck had a tub of lobster meat delivered just before I got to the counter and I think it hyped us up a bit. I'll say the roll and chowder were pretty great but now I'm looking forward to crab season and making my own version with butter and without celery.

Oakland Industrial

walk amid colorful produce boxes and palettes.
I stopped off at Ikea to pick up a few frames for new art work and caught another perfect sunset viewed from the parking lot before heading back over the bridge.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Frida Kahlo finger puppet magnet and sidewalk gems

Fall at the market

colorful tent tops at the Ferry Building Farmers Market, SF. Chilaquiles and pineapple/cucumber aqua fresca from Primavera Tamales tent for my first full meal after two weeks of the kitchari cleanse.
passionfruit samples
fresh dates and tree leaves that remind me of malachite or bird feathers

abundance of an SF summer

I walked to the market and ended up grabbing a few baskets of strawberries and an armful of sunflowers , peppers to fry up, mushrooms from my favorite mushroom man. I also picked up a new ribbed charcoal pot for winter paper white bulbs (I've been waiting a year for them to come in!) and filled my jar with New Orleans style ice coffee (first cup in weeks). I took the street car most of the way home and then climbed a steep hill or two on foot before unloading my bag of treasures.  I love the textures, vibrant tones and warmth that produce seems to keep stored from the sun.

strawberry jam to prolong summer just a little bit longer

I washed the berries and then laid them out in the sun for a few hours to ripen up a bit more. This recipe worked but my favorite is still the rhubarb rosemary from a month or two back (I'm working on that post and will try to link it here). This recipe was changed up a bit and I added sugared rose petals. I initially wanted to keep the strawberry flavor pure but a I almost always compelled to mix flavors and invent a new favorite, sometimes it works and sometimes...

I was intrigued by the strawberries bubbling away in the pot and how they really started to look like an anatomical heart. Well, I have preserved summer for now with a little love in a jar.

Friday, September 21, 2012

SF sunset

If I'm inside and the sun has started to set I try to watch it through the window or head out to watch from the back porch or gaze at the sky longingly with tourists on the sidewalk. These pics were all taken from the tin/city size back porch with a view that stretches to the Golden Gate bridge and Marin, from the upstair neighbors stairs.

school life

a beautiful old science lab with dark wood and white tile. typed lesson plan left behind. my favorite school hallway with science mobiles and posters covering every surface. a cut paper window shade

school tile details 

there's always one ball left after recess. reading at lunch

cozy classroom with friendly plants

These days I spend a fair amount of time at school and decided to take pictures and continue to document the beauty I see in the everyday. This is part of  my do what you can with what you've got approach. Roaming the city streets of SF, spontaneous filed trips or adventures in far away places may fuel my day dreams, but for now I'm here. 

lunch field trip

lunch field trip to the European Food store for cured fish and cherry jam. Great products, prices, and friendly folk.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

urban foraging and walks in the sun

this center image with the wind blowing the tree, the little dog barking, and tiny SF doors made me feel transported to another world, like a cartoon version of real life.
always one ball left behind. I love this yellow door.
foraged for fennel at the park and hung it upside down in a brown bag to shake out the pollen on my walk home. The herbs I had drying were ready to be put away for future cooking adventures. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

sun dried tomatoes

city lights or stars in the night sky

I halved the little red tomatoes from Bethany's garden and put them out single layer on a drying rack by a sunny window and now a week+ later they're ready to put away. I had them cut side up and then when that side was dry I just flipped them over to finish. The large drying rack was packed with these ruby gems and now they barely fill a pint jar, but they're packed with flavor.

The temperatures dropped as the fog rolled in so I roasted a big tray of winter vegetables to prepare different ways this week. Whole baked sweet potatoes are a favorite easy on the go breakfast as I can just eat it skin and all like an apple. I came across this winter squash pic from the farmers market that slipped through the cracks.