Friday, June 21, 2013

in pursuit of magic

this stencil art was started by "two women on a crusade to elevate consciousness and amplify meaning in the world." It's always such a joy to come across these little beacons of light. I've wanted to make a Northern California landscape painting for a while now and this beautiful painting has me feeling super inspired.... Summer goal.

gleaned and foraged flowers

love for Heath Ceramics

I woke up super early and made my way to Heath Ceramics studio in San Francisco for Heath Open Studio with a factory tour and tile glazing! I've been to the original Heath studio in Sausalito numerous times and on the tour a few and always see something new. This SF tour was a little different as it's in their new 2nd studio located in the industrial section of the Mission District. The tour was lead by one of the two owners and their friendly dog. This space was full of energy and light and hearing about the passion behind Heath and their commitment to the community and craft was well, incredibly inspiring. It's a challenge for me to leave the Sausalito Heath store without a new treasure or two and learning more about the company has me wanting to support them even more. Part of the SF space is home to other local artists and really I'm still beaming when I think about the tour, Heath, and their amazing way of living and building a business where everyone can thrive and be happy. This surprise glaze your own tile station (my creation bottom left) had me jumping for joy.

tiny tile treasures

Friday, June 14, 2013

Peko Peko

picked up some morel mushrooms, beef curry bento from Peko Peko, and a few of my favorite Hayes Valley views, like this little pig and acorn brown tiles.

nature friends tourist club

a little hike to the Tourist Club for cider above the trees

misty morning at Marin Farmers Market

a rainbow of carrots, beautiful artichokes with their little bits of purple, and then clusters of antique backyard roses were had me smiling and then we found an aisle dedicated to baked goods! While the Marin farmers market is pretty terrific SF markets are still my favorite, even though they're much smaller. 

collectors strand

I'm a little bit in love with this "collectors strand" of hand carved stone beads from Africa at Yone Bead Store. I kept picking it up to admire it and they even let me take it outside for a photo. Hermon (90 year old storekeeper) told me that the people use to collect stones that naturally had a hole through the center or carve stones with hand tools and string them together and sell them to tourists many years ago. I have a feeling Hermon doesn't really want to sell this as it's valued much more than my first car and rests behind glass like a coiled snake.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

nom nom nom

another Friday night at the food cart roundup. It's still been on the cooler side, but that didn't keep us away from all the tasty food and Golden Gate views. I'm hooked on the pork belly with turmeric pickled daikon, and green shiso on a steamed bun from The Chairman. I decided to go ahead and try the coca-cola braised pork with cabbage, mustard seeds, and kewpie mayo (on the left). So GOOD!  Cold weather never slows the long lines at a few favorite ice cream shops and the same is true for this beloved popsicle shop named Fat Face with a little pink pink logo. Well, this avocado and kefir lime pop is one of the best... and a huge reason I invested in an ice cream machine. I have fond memories of eating a few of these over a short visit to Sacramento last summer (where Fat Face is based) while visiting with Portland friends, Emily and Adam, that came down on a summer road trip to see Emily's dreamy embroidered art show that was up in Sac town. They are both incredible artists and wildly inspiring and kind people, their websites are linked above. Chowing on these pops lets me relive a little of that summer again with some of the best food, cooling off at the river, thrift stores scavenging and the best company of course. :)

"P" is for pretty

Pretty tile and pensive looks in SF when "summer weather" comes up in conversation. One day the beach is filled to capacity with sunbathers and surfers and then the next we're all bundled up with scarves.

the House of Days captures atmospheric change with photos and captures my heart every time I pass it.  The sky was clear and a walk along the water at sunset, bundled up against the cold bay air was the perfect way to end the day. 'Passed another abandoned mattress masquerading as an island of flowers and I'm starting to thing mattress floral patterns are the best. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

that SF bridge

the Golden Gate Bridge isn't just for tourists. I love visiting this bridge and there's always a new way to see it, whether it's the light or just a new angle.

fog, flowers, and fancy ice cream

Rhubarb crisp ice cream at Smitten ice cream before the fog rolled and a cruise around the city with a quick stop at Louesa Roebuck, before settling in at the Sutro Tower lookout to watching the fog roll in over the city in waves.

belly love

Another beautiful Friday night at Off the Grid: Fort Mason with a new favorite from The Chairman Truck. I'd heard rave reviews about this traditional Taiwanese snack. I ordered the tender pork belly with turmeric pickled daikon and green shiso on a steamed bun... it was incredible.

St. Basil's Cathedral

Today I was at one of my favorite elementary schools that's like a ray of sunshine every time.... kinda like my yellow shoes. I passed these paintings in the hallway, by 2nd graders, that were inspired by St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia.

mobile art

tropical field trip

 a trip to Flora Grubb Nursery is always like a mini vacation. I brought the little persimmon cactus dish home. The orange vessel is by Steel Life out of Oregon and the purple/blue ceramic dish is one of my favorites by Judy Jackson, in Brooklyn. This cream heated outdoor bench is a new addition and perfect for cool nights. On my way out I spotted a tiny tillandsia (air plant) nestled into an orchid blossom, genius.

tropical sunset at an east bay big box store

I love San Francisco!

 The SF Ferry Building Farmers Market is incredible right now with poppies, lilacs, artichokes, kumquats, and avocados piled high. Even the sidewalks are at capacity with wildflowers popping up through the earth and grass. I'm still stopping in at Boulette's Larder for a little window shopping, especially when the lemon tart (top photo) is in.

shades of blue

a long walk over the SF hills as the sun sneaks up shades of blue at every block and then the sun peaks over the tallest hill and the wisteria pops and Alcatraz shines

there's always room for ice cream

or organic homemade frozen yogurt at Fraiche especially when it's topped with fresh raspberries. :)