Thursday, June 13, 2013

nom nom nom

another Friday night at the food cart roundup. It's still been on the cooler side, but that didn't keep us away from all the tasty food and Golden Gate views. I'm hooked on the pork belly with turmeric pickled daikon, and green shiso on a steamed bun from The Chairman. I decided to go ahead and try the coca-cola braised pork with cabbage, mustard seeds, and kewpie mayo (on the left). So GOOD!  Cold weather never slows the long lines at a few favorite ice cream shops and the same is true for this beloved popsicle shop named Fat Face with a little pink pink logo. Well, this avocado and kefir lime pop is one of the best... and a huge reason I invested in an ice cream machine. I have fond memories of eating a few of these over a short visit to Sacramento last summer (where Fat Face is based) while visiting with Portland friends, Emily and Adam, that came down on a summer road trip to see Emily's dreamy embroidered art show that was up in Sac town. They are both incredible artists and wildly inspiring and kind people, their websites are linked above. Chowing on these pops lets me relive a little of that summer again with some of the best food, cooling off at the river, thrift stores scavenging and the best company of course. :)

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