Sunday, November 30, 2014

Portland visitor

My dear friend Emily Katz came to San Francisco a few weeks back now to film a macrame class so we were able to catch up and enjoy the city. On the last day we started with brunch at Plow and the french toast topped with baked apples made the best leftovers. With full bellies and coffee we crossed the bridge to the east bay to Temescal Alley with the most delightful small shops including the Book Shop, and Esqueleto. After perusing the local shops we crossed back to San Francisco for lunch at Souvla where they serve up hearty Greek inspired salads and sandwiches topped with rotisserie meat and veggies. The brine the chicken in feta, yum! I always order the lamb and can't order anything else since I love it so much.We sampled the frozen greek yogurt and had to share a cup with honey and sea salt. Of course one last stop at Heath Ceramics is often needed as friends like to pick up one more mug to add to their collection. Emily is an inspiring person and artist. You can see some of her work and magic here and here

Saturday, November 29, 2014

sometimes it feels like life speeds up

It's been way too long since I last shared here. 'll try to catch up a bit now so pardon the potential slew of posts. hugs and love from this busy one

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Bike parking always makes me smile and it's the first thing I see before entering the festival. 
There's always an abundance of tasty bites. I almost caved and ordered a turkey corn dog or crab and garlic fries, but I picked Gerard's paella and it got me through the day.That's the amazing Chris Isaak in a sparkly suit walking from the main stage through the crowd to sound tent to perform for those way back in the field. 
This guy above is so inspiring and yes, awesome. I met this fella yesterday on my way to see Chris Isaak. He pointed at me and said, "you're awesome", his energy is infectious and he shared a little more about himself. His name is David Trudy, he just came back from his third tour in Afghanistan and now he's homeless in Berkeley, CA. He told me he came to the festival to hear some music and maybe meet some people and but did he ever. After seeing someone else with this sign early Saturday he approached them and they let him hold it and he continued to for the next six hours telling people they're awesome. The original sign owner told him he should have the sign and he kept up with his mission for another three hours by the time I met him. He said he never expected to meet so many people. I left the festival thinking about this guy and was thrilled to see him again today. Spirits still high and with fewer people around we were able to chat a little more. I learned that he's on a few waiting lists including one for housing that should place him in nine months. He said he'll be able to keep his spirits up until then. I hope you were able to meet this kind soul at the festival.
Huge thanks to the Hellman family for keeping the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival going

Monday, September 29, 2014

hidden views

little gems like this are tucked away just off the street/sidewalk that are easy to miss unless you're looking for them inside entryways and side streets in San Francisco

Fall at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers Market


the prettiest pears, local oysters shucked to order, heirloom beans like the gorgeous "tiger beans" on the left from Lonely Mountain Farm, rainbow chard, and then Icelandic poppies by the bucket full and dahlias lingering

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


the fog and rain are back in San Francisco and it seems that the city often appears to shift into black and white. I start noticing that even my shoes make for a monochromatic scene as I criss cross hills. 

Folsom Street Fair

 Folsom Street Fair is unlike any other street fair in San Francisco or any other city. It's always such an amazing experience as a person that is fascinated by culture and also in love with this city that tries to create a space for everyone. I read about human behavior more than anything else. This event lends itself to photos unique to this event and each year is different as it is a direct reflection of those that attend. I was happy to see the lederhosen fellas back again. Here's another part of San Francisco that makes it a special place to say the least.