Wednesday, February 26, 2014

lunch by the water

nom, nom, nom. Best fish served up at Fish in Sausalito. Everything here is incredible and I end up modifying my order a bit to try a little more like subbing two oysters in place of a third piece of fish. 

SF night lights

 moon, stars, coit tower, and the bay bridge above. golden gate below blurred on purpose

simple beauty in Chinatown, SF


a drive past vineyards, redwoods, and eucalyptus trees to a bed of oysters

From Healdsburg I headed west and stretched my legs and cooled off at the lovely Porter Creek biodynamic winery before landing at this magical point above near Jenner, CA where the river meets the sea. Next stop was Point Reyes for the last batch of oysters before closing time at Hog Island Oyster Co where your dinner is harvested a stones throw away and the crushed shells line the walkway.

wine tasting in Sonoma

I stopped off in Healdsburg to walk around their quaint town square that's lined with restaurants, wine shops, and small boutiques. I made sure to pay a visit to Banshee Wines new tasting room after discovering their delectable blends over dinner at Local's Corner. Don't worry, I picked up a favorite bottle to bring back home, that's the best Sonoma souvenir.