Saturday, September 29, 2012

midnight in paris at the park, a little cooking and a little more rest

They showed Midnight in Paris at Washington Park tonight. Here's a great NY Times article on the history in the movie. This is the second movie I've watched at WA park that's set in France with the other being Amelie with a little bottle of St. Germain in hand. Tonight I decided to fill a few thermoses with homemade hot chai with black peppercorns, cinnamon, cardamom, fresh ginger, sugared rose petals, black tea and a little rice milk to go with fresh ginger molasses cookies. I was thinking that some Indian chai would be perfect spicy warmth while sitting at the border of little Italy, Russian Hill, and Chinatown while watching a French themed movie.

planets and stardust... or eggs and flour

This afternoon I made chicken and dumplings and I really think this helped fend off the start of a cold which was the main reason I made it, aside from wanting to play in the kitchen.

Sleeping in, late morning coffee with fancy creamer, and grapes for lunch.

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