Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day lounging and feasting

I went to my friend Chris's house in the Presidio for an outdoor bbq. Yesterday was super hot and I ran out of energy before being able to make my dish ahead so I made the dough and slapped it into the fridge and then started cooking down the 8 large thinly sliced onions and 2 apples for the filling.... before running over to the Mission to have coffee... I mean donuts and a walk with my friend Sean who was visiting from Portland, OR. Skip ahead a few hours and I'm back home to roll out the galette dough, put the circles on wax paper, finish cooking down the onion mix, pack it and shuttle it to Chris's. Apparently I wasn't the only one trying to squeeze out every minute of the long weekend as there were a few of us in the tiny kitchen trying to get our dishes ready to eat. I put everything together outside and really felt like Jamie Oliver as I was out in the open air with the fog rolling overhead as I pinched galette edges. We had the ripest and brightest watermelon ever and someone brought brown sugar & fennel ice cream from the other side of town via a long bus trip and a cooler, it was so worth it.
Click here for the apple onion filling and rosemary-manchego dough recipes. The pic above is before it went into the oven, they get a little darker.

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