Sunday, September 2, 2012

Luther Burbank Experimental Farm pit stop

We piled into two cars and headed up to the Russian River for a little sun and stopped off for an In-N-Out burger brunch, again I'm blaming this on having a Portland, friend in. After an afternoon at the river we saw a little traffic and I decided to take a slight detour and stop off at the Luther Burbank Experimental Farm before heading back to SF. This farm is always a peaceful respite before returning to the highway. Here's a little about Luther from the website link above.
"Luther Burbank bought his 15-acre farm on Gold Ridge in 1885 in Sebastopol. During his career he introduced over 800 varieties of fruits, flowers, vegetables, and grains. He developed many of California's plums and prunes, the ancestor of the Idaho Potato, the Shasta Daisy, and novelties such as Plumcots, Thornless Blackberry, and Spineless Cactus."

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