Thursday, October 18, 2012

art and inspiration

So happy I saved this little blueberry and strawberry scone from Arizmendi for breakfast. I brought my scone and thermos of earl grey with soy milk for a bit of coziness. I had a little extra time before class so I settled in and watched the fog swirl around Sutro tower. I taught the kids how to draw emotions, there was a page with small frames to draw little faces and then a whole blank sheet for a big face as big as the paper. This little fella drew a tiny person in the middle of the paper and when I asked him to use the whole page for a big face, he did and left the original drawing. I love it.

I was lucky enough to be my friend Mikayla's plus one for the Anthology magazine 2nd anniversary celebration at Zinc. This was a night of walking up hill in flip flops with fancy shoes in tow.

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