Saturday, October 13, 2012

AutumnFest in Marin

this is where I admit that the main incentive for waking up early and heading across the Golden Gate bridge was to sit on a hay bale and eat a caramel apple. success!
 I pie slices above are from 3 Babes bakery and the one on the left is Chess(?) pie. She said it's like a lemon square, but I've since been told that it's a Southern custard-y pie often with cornmeal. This is on my need to bake list.
 The big lattice work pie above and pics below are from the pie contest. I was so smitten with the lattice top crust above.
 The bottom pie has a handwritten sign that looks like it was written and baked by a young aspiring baker, adorable.

 There were bunnies, miniature horses, chickens and maybe a few other critters on hand to visit. Below is an apple sample, sauerkraut I made during a demo and seed samples for next year.

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