Saturday, October 13, 2012

sauna night and city lights

My friend Courtney and I decided to spend part of our Saturday night at Archimedes Banya, an international bath, sauna, and spa in SF. We lounged in steam saunas where the steam was so thick we could barely see our hands in front of our face, dry hot saunas well over 100* with eucalyptus branches to flog/brush your skin, and then I alternated with an ice cold plunge. After cycling through the sauna rooms with jacuzzi and pool breaks we decided to drink kombucha (on tap) and take in the rooftop view. I must have been in the cold plunge when the sun set but the city lights are always breathtaking. My iPhone 3 managed to catch the SF skyline on the top left pics with slow shutter speed and then horizon line dotted with city lights is the east bay. We took in a few deep breaths and headed back in for more heat, but not before catching a few minutes of the Kardashians on the lounge t.v. They were lounging in an outdoor pool and Court and I laughed about how our lives are just like theirs. (I'm really joking).

cute little felt hats that help regulate your body temp as you sweat in the sauna. Here's the robe and sandals I was issued. I really want to make a banya hat. 

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