Saturday, December 29, 2012

Final Ferry Building Farmers Market of the year

I slept in a bit and then pulled down the shades to sleep behind the winter sun a little bit longer before walking to the market. When I arrived, Gabriel ("the trumpet kid" ) was playing in front of a crowd out front. Seeing him play always makes me smile. Everyone was bundled up and it really started to feel like December. Dried beans looked like gems and a farmer easily persuaded me to buy his Italian Chard for my black eyed peas and cornbread which made me feel like a spoiled Northern Californian. I've photographed the lemon merengue tart so many times and decided that I needed to try it before the end of the year, so today was the day and after eating fish tacos I opted to have it packed up to eat later. Lavender bundles and grapefruits were so vibrant that my mind was shifting to summer sun mode. I braced myself against the wind as I walked along the bay to the East Bay Bridge before hopping a ride back on lemon yellow streetcar. 

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