Wednesday, March 20, 2013

hearts afoot

On my walk to school I came across a patch of wet cement being smoothed out (rare here) and stopped by after work to draw a small heart into the still wet cement that was now hidden under a plank of plywood. The next day I peaked to see if the heart was still there, but alas it had been smoothed back out. I decided to stop by again after school to scratch in a little heart love note to the city. I tried to be sly and go unnoticed while fumbling for a bobby pin and then kneeling down with clogs on... no laces to pretend to tie. I scratched in this wee heart pictured above and just a few seconds before I was done going over my lines again a young guy in a truck on the other side of the street yelled out his window, "Hey, I just smoothed that out." My heart sank a little I told him, "I just made a small heart." Not sure if he was able to hear me I put my hands together to make a heart. He put his head down a little, waved his hand and calmly said he'd smooth it out. I'm pretty sure he knew my intentions were good and that I didn't want to make more work for him. I walked away and hoped that he would leave the little heart. The following day I walked by this little stretch and was thrilled to see that it was still there. If you happen to be on Chestnut street near Fillmore you may see this little heart and I hope it warms yours.

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