Friday, June 7, 2013

waking up early on Saturday

 San Francisco is different than other cities in that there are times of day where the whole city seems to be asleep.... even after the sun is up. I woke up and the neighborhood was still and the fog blanket was still over most of the city. Instead of heading to the local farmers market I drove to Marin County. As I approached the Golden Gate bridge a few cars slowly started to fill the lanes. I stopped at the Marin Headlands for a clear view of the San Francisco skyline with sun peaking through the clouds, but not quite reaching those still fast asleep. I paused here and continued to wake up slowly and take in the sea air and view of the bridge as the slow started to recede a bit more. Continuing north to Marin Mart for farmers market treats and a little inspiration at Erica Tanov with coffee in hand until they opened, but once they did I'm pretty sure I looked at everything in the store a few times before parting. The image on the right is a detail of a tall (15ft) wall section that they covered in these flat metal discs.

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