Thursday, July 18, 2013

filed trip to the zoo

It was a free day for SF residents at the Zoo and I couldn't let the opportunity pass by. This was my first time at the SF Zoo and it'd been years since I'd been to a zoo at all. I love animals and often feel a little sad when I see them fenced in. I really loved seeing the baby giraffe wobble around and the little prairie dogs seemed to still be using their instincts with one always on the lookout for danger. The meerkats decided to nap through the afternoon so I missed them all together... maybe that means I'll just have to see them in Australia. The flamingos were beautiful and looked a little less pink than usual, but having fun just the same. My favorite part was the tropical forest with the giant round window and lush plants. The insects had blackberry branches in their tanks that seemed glow under the lights. 

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