Tuesday, July 9, 2013

new favorite ice cream in SF

It was cool and windy outside, but that didn't keep us from ordering ice cream. After tasting a few flavors I felt like the decision only became more difficult as I wanted all of them. I ended up with a scoop of earl grey and a scoop of lavender with a cherry on top... the perfect lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous is as charming as it is delicious. After poking our heads into a few small shops it was time to warm up with a cup of spicy housemade chai at Piccino before walking home along the bay.
We made a pitstop at the Jewish Contemporary Museum for the Allen Ginsberg exhibit. Ginsberg is an impressive and inspiring artist. I was able to see this print of Jack Kerouac that I admired when I was in high school and kept a postcard copy of it in a volume of On the Road while learning about the Beat Poets. Ginsberg's handwritten captions lent even more insight into the intimate portraits.  This portrait of his grandma, Buba, below was one of my favorite photos in the exhibit, here's the caption below.

Rebecca Ginsberg, Buba, wife of Pincus, laundry-man, later tobacco store owner, my paternal grandmother (b. Russia, near Kamenetz-Podolski, b.May 1869-d. July 19620, visiting her elder son's house, here 84 years old at the table for Seder preparations. She'd attended adult education English classes in Newark, 14 years earlier, and written a patriotic essay declaring "God Blast America!" Younger son, uncle Abe, & daughters Aunt Rose, Clara & H.S. teacher Hannah were her children. Dining roon 428 East 34th Street, Paterson, New Jersey, 1953. 

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