Friday, July 5, 2013

R A M P S !

After asking all of the farm stands if they had any to be told that didn't, I was thrilled to see ramps (NY Times article) at Far West Fungi inside the Ferry Building where they'd been foraged with care in the East and shipped to us. I'd been drooling over pics from folks on the other coast cook up ramps with eggs and rave about the flavor, a flavor that was a mystery to me. I bought a bundle and cooked them up with eggs and then came back for more to make ramp butter (pictured top right- butter is pale green and deep green is the buttermilk separating out) and then buttermilk biscuits with the leftover buttermilk. Yes, you read that right... I live in SF and on a warm day I made butter in my tiny kitchen with the windows open to pull in the slightest breeze. A double batch of ramp pesto soon followed and I found myself devouring a box of bucatini with pesto for the next few days before quickly putting a long roll of ramp butter and a few tubs of ramp pesto into the freezer for safe keeping. I'm pretty sure these biscuits are one my favorite foods ever and now understand the wild ramp craze.

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