Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer wedding in Sonoma

*here are a few photos I snapped with my phone (to ensure I didn't get carried away) at a friends wedding, between tears, after a little bubbly in the sun with temps over 100* so they're not as clear as usual, but I want to share them here anyway. 
My dear friends Sonya and Ian got hitched and it was beautiful. Before the ceremony it was hot... around 102 degrees outside, but we didn't care and just sipped on cold drinks in the shade in the groom's parents backyard garden, where the ceremony took place. Small bowls of lavender flowers were set at the end of the benches with paper cones beside them to fill and toss as a send off instead of rice. The ceremony was beautiful and the grooms vows were first and I'm pretty sure everyone teared up by the end. Both bride and groom had their parents on either side and sang a song or read a poem or shared a story. After the ceremony we walked over a short distance to reception where we imbibed wine and infused water while using the spray bottles to mist our legs to keep cool. When I think of Sonya and Ian an appreciation of good food and music comes to mind and there was an abundance of both. We noshed on passed appetizers before the bride and groom sang us a song before we sat down to eat and incredible dinner with plank roasted salmon that I'm still thinking about. You can see the hand painted menu and invitations here, lovingly made by my friend Mikayla. There was a lot of laughter, a few toasts, more wine, dancing and then later coffee that was roasted by the bride's father and individual pies. These two are kind and honest and all that and their love shined today. Hugs, and love... and congratulations! 

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