Thursday, March 6, 2014

cooking challenge for the birds

It was time to cook a turkey... or start small(er) with a heritage turkey breast. I salt cured over in the fridge for a full 24 hours and instead of regular salt I opted for lemon salt, chopped preserved lemons, (pictured below, cut in half or quartered and packed into a jar with salt while squishing them a bit to release their juice to immerse the lemon pieces and left to sit) and cedar greenery that was pulsed in a coffee grinder. All of these fragrant ingredients perfumed the room and eased the stress level that often comes with cooking a bird. After patting the turkey after the salt brine did started it's job of keeping the outside of the turkey moist I added more cedar (like rosemary) and nestled the meat atop a pile of organic carrots, onions, and tender young potatoes to roast away. I sipped on a green juice before starting the dough for biscuits. 

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