Sunday, August 5, 2012

Russian River field trip

I woke up early and made chai for our long drive up to a quiet spot on the Russian River. It's Mikayla's birthday and she wanted us to spend the day in the sun, cooling off in the river and then a big dinner at sunset. A few of us headed in to Guernville for dinner fixings and were greeted by a few hundred bears (friendly, hairy gay men with pot bellies and the men who love them). I always end up in Guernville for bear weekend and I love it. Anyway, we loaded up on meat and veggies for the grill and I made a cantaloupe salad with fresh mint, lime juice and fresh grated ginger. The window on the right was my view from the kitchen sink (*swoon) and the stacked rocks on the left kept my water and cap full of blackberries cool in the shade. 

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