Monday, August 6, 2012

sun swirling rainbows around the room

When I moved back to Portland (the second time) I bought a little solar powered rainbow maker with a Swarovski crystal that spins when the sun shines. I used the suction cup to adhere it to my kitchen window in Portland and it just wouldn't turn so after a few days I moved it to another window and still it didn't go around, but instead it just sputtered a bit. This was fall in the NW and I wasn't sure if it wasn't getting enough sun or if it didn't really work. I'll admit that this was one of the first signs that I needed to return to CA. If there wasn't enough sun to light up my little solar powered rainbow maker than maybe I needed to move back to SF where rainbows are everywhere and so is the sun... when it's not foggy. I'm happy to report that my little rainbow maker spins at full speed almost every afternoon and it makes me smile everytime. When the door is closed rainbows sneak out through the crack at the bottom of the door and spill across the hallway. I love sunshine!

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