Tuesday, January 1, 2013

day trip to Sonoma wine country

 I was compelled to pic up a small can of champagne at Coppola winery and it's a summer favorite for many in SF, perfect while lounging at the park or perched on a rooftop. My friend Annie went to Coppola a few times last summer and I'm excited for the weather to warm up so I can explore this Disneyland version of a winery too, complete with a pool flanked by cabanas and a petanque court! We stopped at a few other places, many were closed and gave us another reason to return soo. Our last winery stop was at Stryker and I love this place. I'll take more photos next time (and with my camera). The place tranquil and cozy with a fire ablaze and views of the other growing sites from the tasting room. The pics below were taken at Stryker and I'll make sure to visit again in this new year. Stryker was the most expensive stop of the day as we both walked out with a bottle, but it's so worth it. They only made six barrels of the wine I purchased which makes it that much more cherished.

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