Tuesday, February 12, 2013

dim sum lunch break

I was teaching in Chinatown today and thought I'd grab dim sum for lunch. Chinese Lunar New Year translates to super frenzied shopping in Chinatown and today was no different so I patiently waited in a line that meandered out the door and down the crowded sidewalk. Once inside your one of three to five people in line at the chest high counter with three ladies trying to help everyone at once. There is a lot of pointing at the large steamer baskets full of dumplings and buns and you point to the ones you want and show how with your fingers, unless you speak Chinese. This can be stressful and kinda fun and with a bbq pork bun (pictured above) and 3 small shrimp and scallion dumplings for $2.60 it can be worth the adventure. I walked out with my little steamed lunch to see a few whole pigs being delivered to the BBQ joint next door around noon. I admire how Chinatown really doesn't hide the reality of all that goes into the day to day business. This did leave me rethinking ordering pork for a bit.

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