Wednesday, July 17, 2013

compliments and eggplant

House of Nanking pulled me in for eggplant in chili garlic sauce and veggie chow mein. I quickly learned that a takeout order is tiny and barely fills a small traditional Chinese takeout container, but if you stay to eat you're given a substantial portion with enough leftover to fill a takeout container for the next meal. What can I say, it's good and they're close. My real favorite is Yum Yum Hunan and I highly recommend stopping in or getting the same giant portion delivered to your home. While eating the noodles above a patron that sat ate his dinner across from me, a table away, paused at the table before leaving and told me that it was a pleasure to dine across from me and that I look like Katharine Hepburn, especially with my hair up. I was flattered and confused like everyone else at the table. The only image that came to mind was of KH in On Golden Pond and I didn't want to bring my phone out during dinner to google an image so it was just left at that. The next day I spotted this LIFE magazine at the check out and while I don't really see a crazy resemblance I'm still flattered. 

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