Thursday, July 18, 2013

SF Summer classics

Gorgeous flowers, specialty foods, and helpful folk at Small Foods. I received a few texts from Mikayla (super talented friend) that called for celebration so I planned a quick impromptu lunch picnic. BLT sandwiches have become a staple of the month or some variation of it and I thought I brown some bacon, toast up the bread, slather it with mayo and a handful of spinach and pick up tomatoes along the walk to meet Mikayla. I stopped a tiny farmers market on the way, but no luck so I popped into Small Foods and they only had tiny cherry toms so I saw potential in a ripe peach and went with that instead. We grabbed fancy soda and a bag of chips before heading to a shady spot by the boats. They had one of my absolute favorite sodas, the jasmine tea ginger ale! After I calmed down from the exciting news about where she saw my work (I tell you all soon) we were able to take in the sunshine and enjoy our lunch and a new favorite summer sandwich the BSP bacon, spinach, and peach. On the walk back across the city I came across an open hydrant and paused to cool down and enjoy it (just so wasteful). 

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