Tuesday, July 23, 2013

inspiration everywhere

The air was crisp and I didn't want to sit inside on a Saturday evening while the rest of the city was buzzing with energy so a friend and I decided go for a long walk through the city. Our walk up and over the hills of SF brought us to the Top of the Mark where I insisted on taking in the city view and we watched the fog slide along the skyline with twinkling lights below that was reminiscent of the starry sky above. Ready to set off on our adventure we passed Grace Cathedral and so many ornate Victorian entryways that have a different beauty at night. Coming up and over one of the steepest streets in the city I noticed little note above. I says "almost there" and it's placed on the second to last step that's about halfway up the hillside just before you cross the road to continue the last set of stairs to the top. We paused and took in the view of the city stretched out below and cable car bell ringing in the distance. Just as I was snapping this picture (sorry about the night phone camera flash) a woman walked by with her dog and said that it was just written a few days ago and that it's "good graffiti"that's almost like a motivational note. I told her about the sidewalk chalk notes I came across for a garage sale a few weeks back that had a similar effect. So much inspiration and often where you'd least expect to find it. 

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