Tuesday, July 30, 2013

treasures in the mail

My second cousin Kathleen lives in Texas where she use to raise Nigerian dwarf goats and still makes art. It was during a visit with her that at 21, after choosing to not eat meat for 10 years that I started to eat meat again..... oh, Texas. When I was a kid I remember getting the best surprise gifts in the mail from a stamp set with a rainbow ink pad and a subscription to Ranger Rick magazine. I thought she was the coolest ever and still think of those thoughtful gifts. Well, she recently uncovered some treasures from her parents trip to the Golden Gate International Exposition and offered to send them my way. The coin above was inside and I think it's my favorite, partly because it seems to be worn smooth a bit in the center which has me thinking of someone rubbing it with their thumb or carrying it around in their pocket with the rest of their loose change. There was a scarf, a guide to the city with prices and suggestions for proper clothing and other charming bits of SF history.

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