Friday, August 9, 2013

foggy brunch at Plow

The rain that came through when the city was still asleep left a chill that lasted through the morning and fog that left us in a slumber state until our second cup of coffee. The crisp air had me wearing boots (that match fallen Magnolia leaves) and shorts... which had me feeling like a toddler that was reluctantly allowed to pick out their clothes, but I knew the sun would break through at some point. and I headed to Plow on Potrero Hill for breakfast, which quickly turned to brunch with the wait and casual vibe that lets you take your time and savor every bite. Below is "the plow" with two small ricotta pancakes, two eggs any style, four small chicken apple sausage links (you can go spicy or pick bacon), and the bast fried potatoes that are soft and fluffy inside with a crispy skin with course salt and fresh rosemary. The bottom photo is of a fried egg sandwich with crisp bacon and more potatoes. We devoured it and this is still hands down one of my favorite breakfast spots in SF. 

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